Our history

Békeffy Jenő was one of the first and most successful UEFA football manager of his generation.

He was born on 28th May 1935 in Monor, Hungary and started playing football at the young age of eight. In 1951 he played for Monor FC in the second division. He joined Honvéd FC in 1954 and played as a member of the first team.


1951-1952 Monor FC team picture, Solti, Komjati, Varga, Szabó M, Tábori, Bánkuti, Békeffi, Paus, Pifkó, Pető, Bajári, Veréb, Antal, Bolla, Boros, Petrovics.

The 1956 Hungarian revolution was a turning point in Békeffy’s life and he decided to change his fortune forever. After mastering his skills at Honvéd FC for two years, he emigrated to Holland in 1956 along with fellow football players Miklos Todor and Bandi Béres. Later, Béres became well-known as the trainer of Beerschot and afterwards, the coach of Anderlecht.



In 1956, football coach Jozsef Vereb founded a team of Hungarian expatriate players in Holland.

The photo was taken before the match against PSV’s first team.
Top row:

(from left) Tódór Míklos, n/a,  András Béres, n/a, n/a, n/a, Bekeffy Jenő and the coach József Veréb.

Bottom row:

(from left) n/a, n/a and Bognár György.


In 1957, he played for Enschede – a first division team currently known as FC Twente.

In the meantime, he graduated from the Dutch Art Academy.

Top row:

(from left) n/a, András Béres, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, and Todor Miklos.

Bottom row:

(from left) Békeffy Jenő, n/a, n/a, and on the right the famous coaches Östreicher Emil and Ernst Happel

Tactical meeting with Östreicher Emil before the match

Östreicher Emil  was the sports director of Real Madrid.  Accordingly, he took his friend Ferenc Puskás to the Real  as a striker.  In his time the club has won five European Cup Champions.

Picture: Emil Östreicher , Békeffy Jenő,
András Béres and Todor Miklos.

Amsterdam: Jenő Békeffy with his two friends, András Béres and Ferenc Puskás.

Puskás started his career in Hungary playing for Kispest and Budapest Honved. He was top scorer in the Hungarian League on four occasions, and in 1948, he was the top goal scorer in Europe. During the 1950s, he was both a prominent member and captain of the Hungarian national team, known as the Mighty Magyars. In 1958, two years after the Hungarian Revolution, he emigrated to Spain where he played for Real Madrid.

Békeffy worked in Holland and learned the language first and later joined the institution for Hungarian immigrants. He met his future wife at this school, who was traveling throughout Europe working as a professional photo model.


Békeffy Jenő started his football manager career in 1965.

In 1964, Békeffy moved to Belgium where he was a photo model for Fred Perry for three years.He started his football manager career in 1965. One of his first deals was the transfer of Gerald Bergholtz (Pummie) from Feyenoord to Anderlecht. Amongst his transfers was Rob Rensenbrink, Arie Haan, Attila Ladinszky, Erwin Vandenbergh, Peter Ressel, Frank Arnesen, Benny Nielsen, Ronny van Poucke, Johnny Dusbaba, Tony Rombouts, Andersen Enrik, Johan Devrindt, Juan Lozano, Nico de Bree, Jan Mulder, Frank Arnesen, Dirk Goosens, Tony Rombouts, Franky Vanhaecke, Kenneth Brylle, Jean Dockx, Bergholt Pummy to Anderlecht RSC, was Tamas Krivitz, Kessel and Barnabas Liebhaber to Lierse FC, Antal Nagy to Standard FC, Bjeree to PSV Eindhoven, Larsen to FC Nantes, Johnny Dusbaba, Gerald Vanenburg, Dick Helling, Karel Bonsink, Johnny Rep, Ruud Geelst, Barry Hulshoff, Wim Suurbier, Dick van Dijk, Gerrie Mühren, Nico Rijders, Ruud Krol to Ajax AFC….
In 1975, he will transfer for Anderlecht the head coach, Hans Croon.His Anderlecht side won the 1976 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup with a 4–2 victory over West Ham United on 5 May 1976 at Heysel in Brussels.

Anderlecht chairman, Mr. Constant Vanden Stock said in 2008 that he had two reliable football advisers ,  the former Anderlecht chairman, Mr Albert Roosens and the football manager Békeffy Jenő. In 1980, he will be responsible for the return of Michel Verschueren as sporting director of the club.

Jenő Békeffy in front of Racing Club Anderlecht stadium – where he managed player transfers for over 17 years.


Békeffy Jenő players:

Nico de Bree, Erwin Van den Daele, Johnny Dusbaba, Ronny van Poucke, François Van der Elst, Arie Haan, Peter Ressel, Rob Rensenbrink, Ruud Geels, Benny Nielsen, Erwin Vandenbergh, Frank Arnesen, Ronny Van Poucke, Dirk Goossens, Peter Rasmussen, Franky Vanhaecke, Kenneth Brylle Larsen, Johan Devrindt, Morten Olsen, Johan Lozano, Gerald Bergholt, Nico Rijnders, Jan Mulder, Fazekas Árpád, Attila Ladinsky….

The club won the European Cup three times,  two times the UEFA Champions League and thirty-three times the Belgium Champions Cup.


For the Ajax of Amsterdam:

Jenő Békeffy did more than 29 transfers, Johnny Dusbaba, Gerald Vanenburg,
Dick Helling, Karel Bonsink, Johnny Rep, Ruud Geels, Barry Hulshoff, Simon Tahamata, René Noten, Arie Haan, Nico Jansen, Gerald Vanenburg, Theo van Duivenbode, Dick Helling, Jan Mulder, Wim Suurbier, Johan Cruyff, Dick van Dijk, Gerrie Mühren, Nico Rijders, Piet Schrijvers, Ruud Krol….


In 1973 – together with Cor Coster –  Johan Cruyff was transferred after nine seasons in the Eredivisie at Ajax Amsterdam to La Liga club FC Barcelona ​​where he spent five seasons before leaving for the United States.

In the photo appears Cor Coster, the stepfather of Johan Cryuff and Jenő Békeffy.


In 1975, Bekeffy Jeno transferred Ernst Happel of Club Brugge.

After retiring as a player, Happel went on to become one of the greatest coaches of all time. He won the league title in four different countries. During his career as coach Happel worked for several clubs, including Sevilla, Club Brugge (winning the Belgian Championship title several times) and Hambourg (1981–1987, German champions in 1982 and 1983, German Cup winner 1987).

For PSV Eindhoven, we transfered Guus Hiddink, Frank Arnesen, Jan Van Beveren, Peter Ressel, Harrie Vos, Wieste Veestra, Kenneth Brylle Larsen, René van de Kerkhofs, Kresten Bjerre, Jan van Deinsen, Munk Jensen and many more.

For Feyenoord Rotterdam, the transfers of Jan Boskamp, Gerald vander Lem, René Notten, Peter Ressel, Wim Van Hanegem, Harrie Vos, Jopp van Daele, Theo van Duivenbode, Theo de Jorgh, Jan van Deinsen, André Vanden Ley and Attila Ladinsky were concluded.

Békeffy received his UEFA license in 1982.


1982 Antwerpen, hungarian players playing in Belgium:

Kocsis István (Honvéd SE – SK Lierse),
Békeffy Jenő (FIFA manager),
Fazekas László (Újpesti Dózsa – Royal FC Antwerp),
Mucha József (Ferencvárosi TC – KSV Waregem),
Tóth András (Újpesti Dózsa – SK Lierse),
Popovics Sándor (SVV – KSV Waregem).

EUROPEAN CUP in 1983 (Ferencvárosi sport TC – PSV Eindhoven FC)

Békeffy Jenő (Football Manager)
Reker Jan (PSV Eindhoven FC Coach)
Losonci Tibor (Ferencvárosi sport TC Managing Director)
Pusztai László ( Ferencvárosi sport TC)
Novák Dezső (Ferencvárosi sport TC Coach)

Our legendary players


  • Johnny Metgod (AZ Alkmaar – Real Madrid FC),
  • Martin Jol (ADO Den Haag – Bayer München),
  • Georges Leekens (Crossing Club – FC Bruges),
  • Gerrie Mühren (AFC Ajax – Real Betis FC),
  • Simon Tahamata (AFC Ajax – Standard Liége),
  • Jan Van Beveren (Sparta Rotterdam – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Gerald vander Lem (Feyenoord Rotterdam – Sparta Rotterdam),
  • René Notten (AFC Ajax –  Feyenoord Rotterdam),
  • Josko Gluic (AFC Ajax – Go Ahead Eagles),
  • Johnny Reb (AFC Ajax – Valencia CF, SC Bastia – AS Saint Étienne),
  • Arie Haan (AFC Ajax – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Tscheu La Ling (Panathinaikos FC – Olympique Marseille),
  • Wim Suurbier (Schalke’04 – FC Metz),
  • Jan Boskamp (Feyenoord FC – RWDM),
  • Peter Ressel (PSV Eindhoven – Lierse SK, Feyenoord FC – RSC Anderlecht, San Jose Earthquate),
  • John Eriksen (Feyenoord FC – FC Servette),
  • Nico Jansen (AFC Ajax –  RWDM FC),
  • Ruud Geels (AFC Ajax – RSC Anderlecht – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Johan Neeskens (AFC Ajax – FC Barcelona),
  • Ralf Edström (Standard Liege – Monaco FC),
  • Fank Arnesen (Valencia FC – RSC Anderlecht –  PSV Eindhoven),
  • Rob Rensenbrink (FC Bruges – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Jan Ceulemans (FC Lierse – FC Bruges),
  • Erwin Vandenbergh (RSC Anderlecht – FC Lierse),
  • André De Nul (Lierse SK – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Jean Dockx (RWDM – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Benny Nielsen (RWDM FC – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Ronny Van Poucke (RSC Anderlecht – KV Kortrijk),
  • Dirk Goossens (Beerschot FC – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Jacky Munaron (FC Dinant – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Johnny Dusbaba (AFC Ajax – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Peter Rasmussen (B 1901 – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Gerald Vanenburg (AFC Ajax – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Johan Cruyff (AFC Ajax –  Barcelona FC),
  • Johan van Loen (FC Ultrecht – Roda JC),
  • Franky Van der Elst (RWDM – Club Brugge),
  • Houwaart Henk (Cercle de Brugge – FC Bruges),
  • Alex Saelen (Waterschei SV – FC Genk),
  • Hans Kattenburg (AFC Ajax),
  • Stef Walbeek (Sparta Rotterdam – Hertha BSC),
  • Wim Van Hanegem (FC Ultrecht – FC Feyenoord),
  • Eric Maes (KSV Waregem),
  • Patrick Schoofs (KSC Hasselt – KSK Beveren),
  • Alex Saelen (Waterschei FC – FC Waregem),
  • Tony Rombouts (Standard Liége FC – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Harrie Vos (PSV Eindhoven – Feyenooord Rotterdam),
  • Jopp van Daele (FC Feyenoord – Go Ahead Eagles),
  • Barry Hulshoff (AFC Ajax – MVV FC),
  • Franky Vanhaecke (FC Bruges – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Sim Bloemberg (FC Groningen),
  • Wietse Veenstra (Cerlce de Brugge – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Theo van Duivenbode (AFC Ajax – Feyenoord FC),
  • Dick Helling (AFC Ajax -FC Veledam),
  • Martin van Duren (PSV Einhoven – Racing Jette FC),
  • Johan van Looy (RFC Seraing),
  • Peter Nilsson (Östers IF – FC Bruges),
  • Andersen Enrik (Fremad Amager FC – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Kenneth Brylle Larsen (RSC Anderlecht – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Johan Devrindt (RSC Anderlecht – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Morten Olsen (RWDM – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Juan Lozano (Beerschot FC – RSC Anderlecht),
  • René van de Kerkhofs (PSV Eindhoven – FC Twente),
  • Guus Hiddink (De Graafschap FC – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Kresten Bjerre (PSV Eindhoven – RWDM),
  • Nico Rijnders (AFC Ajax – Club Brugge),
  • Nico de Bree (RWDM – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Lothar Emmerich (FC Borussia Dortmund – FC Beerschot),
  • Reinhard Libuda (FC Schalke 04 – FC Borussia Dortmund),
  • Martin Jol (Bayern München – FC Twente),
  • Bergholt Pummy (RSC Anderlecht- RWDM),
  • Jan Mulder (AFC Ajax – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Swat Jenssens (SV Lierse),
  • Piet Schrijvers (FC Twente – AFC Ajax),
  • Barry Hulshoff (AFC Ajax – MVV FC),
  • Henk Houwaart (FC Twente – FC Bruges),
  • Ruud Krol (AFC Ajax – AS Cannes),
  • Ralf Edström (Standard Liége – AS Monaco),
  • Frank Arnesen (RSC Anderlecht – PSV Eindhoven),
  • Karel Bonsink (RWDM – AFC Ajax)
  • Eddy Koens (Sint-Truidense FC – RWDM),
  • Jan van Deinsen (Go AHead Eagles – Feyenoord Rotterdam FC),
  • Stephanus Walbeek (Hertha BSC – Go AHead Eagles FC),
  • Hans Bauwmeester (RWDM – FC Lierse),
  • Walter Meeuws (Standard de Liége – AFC Ajax),
  • Tony Morley (Burnley FC – Aston Vila),
  • Theo de jongh (Feyenoord FC – Roda JC),
  • Hans Posthumus (RC Mechelen – SK Lierse),
  • Dimitri Davidovic (NEC FC – SK Lierse),
  • Ulrik Le fevre (Borussia M’gladbach – Club de Brugge),
  • Munk Jensen (AaB – PSV Eindhoven), 
  • André Vander Ley (FC Den Bosch – Feyenoord FC),
  • Attila Ladinszky (Beerschot VAV – Feyenoord FC, RSC Anderlecht – Real Betis FC),
  • Nagy Antal (Standard Liége FC – FC Twente),
  • Krivitz Tamás (Kansas City Spurs – SK Lierse),
  • Fazekas Árpád (KSV Hessen Kassel – RSC Anderlecht),
  • Fazekas László (Újpest FC – Royal Antwerpen FC),
  • Barnabás Liebhaber (FC Lierse – FC Ultrecht),
  • Visenyei Gyula (Standard Liége – FC Lierse),
  • József Mucha (FC Ferencváros – KSV Waregem),
  • Kenderesi István (Vasa FC – FC Twente, Beerschot VAV),
  • Tóth András (Újpesti Dózsa – SK Lierse)
  • Kocsis István (Honvéd SE – SK Lierse)….

Two football managers recognized in Belgium,  Békeffy Jenő and Loubo Barin.


Definitely Békeffy is the country’s largest manager, the 13 last years he made more than 300 transfers between Belgium and Holland. It represents more than all transfers from other managers combined.

Békeffy Jenő worked primarily with Ajax Amsterdam and RSC Anderlecht.

Clubs: RSC Anderlecht, AFC Ajax

(de Volkskrant van zaterdag 25 januari 1986)
Békeffy Jenő, first football manager with more than 300 big transfers.

Johan Cruyff, Rob Rensenbrink, Johan van Loen, Gerrie Mühren, Arie Haan, Johnny Rep, Rud Geels, Wim Suurbier, Attila Ladinszky.


Clubs: RSC Anderlecht, AFC Ajax, RWDM, FC Bruges, FC Lierse, PSV Eindhoven,Juventus FC, FC Köln, FC Barcelona, FC Utrecht, Valencia FC, FC Feyenoord

Johan Cruyff took with him Van Basten in FC Barcelona..
Békeffy Jenő in front of the RSC Anderlecht – where he managed player transfers for over 17 years.


Johan Cruyff, Rob Rensenbrink, Johan van Loen, Gerrie Mühren, Arie Haan, Martin Jol, Johnny Rep, Ruud Geels, Wim Suurbier, Attila Ladinszky.

Clubs: RSC Anderlecht, AFC Ajax, RWDM, FC Brugge, FC Lierse, PSV Eindhoven, Juventus FC, FC Köln, FC Barcelona, FC Utrecht, Valencia FC, FC Feyenoord, Bayern München FC

After a long and fruitful career he died in 1987 at the age of 52.